Jeffersonville Golf Club

Jeffersonville Golf Club

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

13th Green Surround Restoration

If you have recently played a round of golf at Jeffersonville, you probably have noticed some changes to the 13th hole. The grounds crew have done a tremendous job transforming an area that was barely playable into a beautiful green surround that included expanding the approach and adding collection areas on the left side and behind the green.  The right bunker was reshaped and the bank was gently blended into the surround.  The left side bunker was enlarged and deepened adding a new dynamic to the hole.  10,000 square feet of tall fescue sod and 5,000 square feet of fine fescue sod was laid that will add a dramatic view next summer when the fine fescue seed heads. We will continue to work on the fine details on 13, but are also looking forward to starting new projects around the course! Please enjoy the photos below to see the work that has been done.


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